software overview

Aster Microair is equipped with:

  • Wizard for guided generation of the project, with a reduction in time to define the implant system and user-friendly for non-expert users.
  • environment with 3D visualization of plant components
  • Project generated from standard configurations already in the software, and user-editable be increased.
  • Automatic budget generation and the facility layout with parts list, bill of material editable manually.
  • Full Technical Report and Budget in RTF format , with elements codes, technical and commercial conditions.
  • Software  and reports are customizable  with company branding and archive products.
  • Multilingual and multi License



Through a simple wizard that guides the user through the various steps, ASTER ® Microair perform the calculation of indoor air distribution coming form high induction perforated metallic and fabric ,circular and semi-circular, duct for heating and cooling. This is based on the number of holes stripes, angle positioning, to the number , diameter and the pitch of the holes according to the speed profile to a fixed distance. Microair is personalized with the characteristic data of the Company as diameters, materials, logos, images etc.

Input data required by the software

 Air data to be entered to inlet duct

  • air flow rate
  • available prevalence    
  • air temperature
  • Relative humidity
thermoigrometric data to be entered
  • reference height from the floor and maximum permissible air speed at that height.
  • room temperature
  • room relative humidity

dimensional data of the duct and the environment

  • length of the duct
  • width of the zone influence of the duct    
  • duct distance from to the floor , referred to the axis or to the edge of the duct
  • available standardized diameters of the ducts
    position of the holes (phased parallel rows, staggered parallel rows etc.)
  • distance of holes
  • distances between adjacent rows
  • angle between the plane containing the axis of the holes and the vertical plane


ASTER ® Microair, customized with company data, enables the user to automatically generate a bill of materials, components and accessories and thus allows to issue a quotation plant.

Output data of budget module

  • Window with bill of elements and Budget
  • Feature on the management of codes in the quotation window, filters on product families, management of special elements
  • Detailed budget reports and prt list in RTF format, customizable by the user
  • Prints of the budget, part list and Trade Conditions


ASTER ® Microair has a tool for automatic export of DXF for the development of perforated sheet metal, both for laser cutting for punching with notching

Data for the export development sheet

  • in the window is active rhe export of DXF with notching and with the two reference dimensions
  • in the same window it's possible to change the perforated and not perforated stretch.
  • Output of the  sheet files with the possibility to manage staggered rows of holes
  • Management of an offset for the perforated area of duct